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What that Tingle Really Means (about tanning lotions with tingle)

Any tanning salon offers lotions with a “tingle” meant to make the skin tingle and create a quicker and deeper tan. When using tingle lotion people feel a hot, tingling sensation through the body wherever the lotion was applied (be careful only to apply to appropriate body parts!). Once finished indoor tanning the person emerges bright red as if they just finished running for an hour straight. You can see precisely where the lotion was applied because if any areas were missed they will not be glowing red like the rest of the body. Inferno tingle lotion

Some forms can be cold tingle or hot and cold sensations and they are often rated either with a numerical scale (ie. 1 to 50) or a “sizzle scale” (ie. Moderate sizzle, extreme sizzle and so on).

So what causes this tingle and how does it help you tan? The tingle is caused by the chemicals in the lotion increasing the flow of blood to skin. This is also the reason that you will appear red as soon as you are done tanning and then that color will fade as your blood flow slows down. This increased blood flow helps the skin get a deeper tan because tans are created by the body trying to repair UV damage so the increased blood flow makes the body repair this damage even faster, therefore tanning faster.

These tingle lotions are only effective in indoor tanning beds since the close UV radiation is often needed to make the tingle kick in to its full effect. These lotions are also typically only used by serious or experience tanners since it can be moderately to extremely unpleasant depending on how sensitive the person is.